What is a good AdWords course?

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I get what you are saying. Learning a bunch of advanced knowledge can get boring, especially if you are the type of person that needs to hear a bunch of hype to stay motivated.

Google hasn’t added any hype to their material. They don’t put images of bling covered 19-year-old billionaires surrounded by bikini-clad babes caressing him as he struts in front of his private jet. limousine, exotic sports car, helicopter, and yacht, while claiming you too could be this rich billionaire teenager if you just follow their 2 minutes a week formula for making millions of dollars per week.

However, take it from me and the handful of other very experienced advertisers on this forum, they are teaching you the exact things you need to know without the fluff. Every single point they make in their material is not only accurate but absolutely essential. They have done a masterful job of reducing the narrative to the most important, absolutely essential principles and concepts that are key for success in AdWords marketing.

It takes a professional that has been working for years in this discipline to realize just how thorough, accurate and concise their material is, it’s as if they hired a team of experts and linguists to pour over every word, and every point to make sure that it is essential knowledge and expressed with absolute precision and clarity.

When an old-timer like myself sees such a magnificent treasure go so overlooked and undervalued it makes me sad. 

 But then I think, one less competitor to worry about, and I’m happy again. 

Now I do understand that you need help in how to implement AdWords advertising for your specific application as an Amazon Affiliate marketer. The Google material doesn’t get into that specialized application. However, everything they teach you is essential, even for your specialized needs, ignore it at risk of your own peril. You need both the essentials as well as the knowledge for your specialized application. One must build on the other, else you will fail, and probably never understand why.

I suggest you learn the basics first, because the advanced, or specialized, techniques require a mastery of the basics. If you skip the basics and go straight to the advanced, you are setting yourself up for failure.

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