What is the best (or worst) mailing you’ve seen?

Looks like a new business with excess cash burning a hole in their pocket.

I noticed the postcard logo and the website logo are not even the same logos, so it is truly an idea in the making. 

Postcard marketing of this type only works when you do it at scale, and that is relatively expensive as compared to digital marketing. 

The general idea of pre-launch marketing can be effective if it is well-targeted, and if it has a very specific message. I am not seeing that here. The message seems very vague, designed to generate curiosity at best. 

My guess is that digital marketing is clearly a mystery to this organization. They had a golden opportunity to tag their coming soon page with marketing analytics and remarketing tags, which are not present on their landing page (I checked). So, no… they are not smart marketers, just fools with cash to burn. What a waste of resources.

You may have heard the expression “sling enough mud on the wall and eventually some of it will stick” that seems to be their approach with this campaign. They are not even measuring the results, so it is more like “flushing money down the toilet”.

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