What is the language of the future?

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If there was one language that is the least likely to become obsolete in the foreseeable future, it has to be Javascript.

There is only one scripting language for the front-end of web apps, that is Javascript, there is no replacement for it in on the horizon. It’s the only native scripting language that will run in most modern browsers, so it is the most universally used language. 

Some people have speculated that as users move more to mobile devices that native apps will eventually replace all web apps, however, that doesn’t seem likely to me. Instead, web apps will likely advance to the point that they eliminate many if no most current native apps.

Apple really pushed the native mobile app market because it made them a middle man that got a cut of all app sales. This made Apple very rich while they had complete dominance in the mobile device That worked great for them but isn’t likely to continue into the future.

Just as web apps have replaced many desktop computer applications, I believe you are likely to see many native apps replaced by a new class of Progressive Web Apps. new technologies are being integrated into web browsers that allow web apps to act like native mobile apps, and all Progressive Web Apps utilize Javascript as it’s the only natively supported scripting language in all browsers. 

There are many frameworks built on Javascript, so the more you know about Javascript the better. But that is just the front-end of development. Back-end development is much more fractured and changes over time.

While there is one universal scripting language for front-end development, Javascript, there are many competing languages for back end and native app development. Depending on who you talk to, you will get a different answer as to which represents the future. It’s more about preferences, one back-end language can be replaced by another just because the head developer prefers it over another. It’s much more fragmented and likely to shift over time.

Generally, you need to have knowledge in a variety of languages for back-end development, the most universal is TSQL for database app development, and there are various languages frameworks that can be, and often are combined to develop back-end systems. Just pick something popular and keep up with any new languages and frameworks that emerge and are relevant to your field.

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