What type of site gives the best CTR?

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[Looking forward to giving SEO services in here and also I want to make some amount from Google Adsense, I was wondering with what site, I should start my AdSense business? right now i have a free blog (not paid one) i get more than 1K page-views in just one day on it, so my question is.. Will a blog give me more CTR? or some other type of site like Forums or whatever others are.. and also how much can i earn with that amount of Page-views on my blog?
2nd Question: I want to convert my current blog to a paid one, will it affect my traffic since the address is going to change from .blogspot.com to .com? is there any way to change it into paid one without effecting Traffic?]

How much earn will vary a great deal depending on the type of content, topic, layout, traffic source, and targeted keywords? Perhaps the most significant variable is your source of traffic. Where your traffic comes from, how well targeted and the commercial intent of that traffic will be the primary factors in your earnings.

If you change your domain you are starting over from scratch with rankings and backlinks. If you could manage to keep your old pages active and redirect traffic to the new pages on your new website it will help get the new website off the ground quicker.

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