What’s Up With Google Lately?

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It sounds like you are simply too impatient.

Google does not spider your entire website all at once. They usually index one page then come back in a few days and index a few more pages, and so on. It is a process that can take weeks to get the average website fully indexed.

Even though you may have purchased domains, that at one time had a homepage PR of 3, that does not mean those same pages still have PR, it is likely they do not, and that they have been previously de-indexed from being offline for an extended period, or other similar issues.

You do not need to keep abandoning your domains, you bought into some bad advice there. Just build a decent website, that meets Google’s guidelines for webmasters, get some decent backlinks, and the Googlebot will be along to spider and index. Once you have one page indexed, you know you are on the path to full indexation, just relax and be patient while you continue a solid promotional campaign and you’ll get listed and ranking in due time.

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