Where does the email come from?

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[If I am given an email example abcdefg @ G mail .com or Abcdefg @ Yahoo .com. Will I be able to know where does the user sign up this account?
Which means is he in the USA, Australia or Singapore, etc? Any web tool that can help to find out?]

Are you sure you started this thread in the right forum?

In what context are you asking this question? Are you asking if the Email Service Provider can tell which country you are located when you sign up for your email account? Or are you asking if you can associate a location with an email account when they sign up for an account for service on your website Or, some other context?

You cannot reliably detect a location just from an email address, unless that person is submitting their email address through a form on your website, or visiting a unique URL sent to that email address.

As kez1000, suggested you can sometimes get clues to the identity of an email address owner by googling that email address, however, that is not a reliable method.

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