Which is the best? SEO or PPC?

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Why is waste time arguing?

They are both excellent methods of promoting your website, they both work well when properly executed. You do not need to choose one, or the other, best practice is to use both simultaneously. In fact, stats show that you get a great deal of synergy by employing both simultaneously.

If a keyword is worth ranking by SEO then it is likely worth advertising as well. One of the key advantages that PPC has over nearly all other forms of promotion, including SEO, is that you gather useful data very quickly. That data can then be used to inform your strategy for other promotional techniques, including SEO campaigns. Anyone trying to run an SEO campaign without the benefit of PPC campaign data is disadvantaged by that lack of data.


I love having competitors that think like you. 


I often hear people refer to SEO as “free”. Maybe to you, it is free, but to me time is money.

I can always get more money, but time is a very limited resource. No matter what I try, I can never get more than 24 hours out of a day, so I always have to employ others to get more time onto a project. I do not have a limitless source of free labor. If you can please share where you, and others, that refer to SEO as “free”, find all of that free labor I would appreciate it. 

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