Why Am I Not Ranking Well?

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[I’ve just seen my website go to #5 then to #19 and lastly, it’s way back on Page 5. It’s only three weeks old, and I’ve done AMR twice and Scarpbox once. It also has some .edu backlinks that I’ve just added today. Is it because it’s only a new site? Is it sandboxed? I don’t know what to do? I’ve added Twitter and Facebook buttons. Twittered it several times. Does anyone have any suggestions, I was thinking of paying for a Twitter Gig on Fiverr. Or shall I just wait for all my backlinks to index? Any Suggestions? What do you SEO Good’s think?]

It is not called the “Google Dance”. The Google dance is a term that was coined to describe the fluctuations in the ranking cause by major algorithm updates.

This is classic QDF, which is a temporary boost in rankings for fresh content. After this temporary boost wears off the new pages sink to their current earned positions.

The content that you add does not necessarily need to be on your own website. For your website, I recommend that you create just the right amount of content to best serve the purpose of your website, no less, and no more.

Once you have what you believe is the perfect amount of content for your website, don’t stop creating content, continue creating, just don’t place that content on your website.

Use that additional content to promote your website. Create and place content on the various Web 2.0 properties, as guest blog posts, as keyword-rich descriptions placed on social bookmarking sites, as articles placed on article directories for syndication, as of press releases, like forum posts, as useful blog comments, etc, etc.

There is an old saying in this business, content is king. Promoting your website requires lots of original content if you want your promotional activity to stick and be highly effective.

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