Will Google shut down your Adsense account for Autoblogging?

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There is a slight difference in auto blogging and autogenerated content. While auto blogging may use autogenerated content, it also may not. If you read the page you took that snippet from you will see the author clarifies the context in which autogenerated content is a violation, specifically plagiarized content scraped and presented as your own original content is a violation.

Autoblogging can and often include actions that do not violate any AdSense policy, however, many folks use techniques that are specifically violating policies. For example, anyone who has scheduled a post for a future date has employed an autoblogging tool. This use is certainly not a violation.

Plugins that automatically tweet your post on twitter, might also be considered auto blogging, as well as plugins that automatically repost to other blogs you operate. Plugins that scrape snippets of text (within reasonable use) and cite the source with an autogenerated backlink (just as Google does on their news site) are a form of auto blogging and if done in a way that adds value, and is sufficiently moderated, will not create a problem for AdSense publishers.

Most auto blogging tools do not force you to violate AdSense policies, it is just the many who choose to use the technology also choose to use it in a dubious manner.

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