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[I’m looking to buy a fantastic keyword-rich domain – but the problem is the only one available or with a price under 5 figures is the .info
Would you just shop around for another name (they are available) or would you build something out on the .info? I know many people associate these with Spam and poor quality, but do the Search Engines penalize them? I have just seen that if you enter Spain into google – the top result after Wikipedia is Spain.info – so can they be that bad?]

Search engines do not treat websites differently based on the TLD unless the TLD is a.CC (Country Code). And Even then is just carries more weight for localized searches.

The .info having less SEO value or .edu/.gov having more SEO value due to the TLD is pure nonsense. Search engines evaluate each indexed page based on its own individual merit and are completely separate from site level or domain-level factors. Localization for.CCs are the only factor that plays a role in ranking pages at the domain level.

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