WTF happened to my rank? I was #2-3-4, now # 86?

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[Ive been working the past months on SEO, and I optimized my site to **** and got my site to rank # 3. I do notice that occasionally its been going back and forth between like # 3 and # 8-9-10, but I assumed it was a Google Dance, right? Anyhow, last night my site was at # 86… I checked it again and it’s still at this number (scout). My key gets 22,000 local us searches, competition isn’t too bad, EVERYTHING on my site is from my head, nothing copied. I broke down the top 3 sites, and cross-checked their tactics to mine and revised to optimize it to make it look similar. I’m about 4-5 months new to SEO but managed to get my site to this # 3 position and felt proud of myself. But now I’m kinda pissed off. Is this just a massive google dance, or?]

This sounds like classic QDF (Query Deserves Freshness).

This feature of Google does a mind trick on a lot of folks that are new to SEO. You see your page ranking high up in the SERP and you begin to think that you have really earned those rankings. Next thing you know your page has dropped to position #86 and you are wondering WTF?

The bottom line, this is normal fluctuation for new pages that haven’t been around long. A temporary boost from QDF sends your page to near the top of SERP then, when it wears off, your page drops to it’s the current earned position.

Now it’s time to go out and earn a higher rank by a solid promotional effort.

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