WTF Is Google Doing?

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[I had a website that has a Blogspot domain… raking for a low comp keyword 1000 searches. The site was number 1 or 2 for about 3 weeks now it’s gone. I had this happen to another site of mines a few weeks back and now my other website is back on the front page. Anyways why does this happen anyone know?]

I think what Paul may have been trying to say is that your website doesn’t exist in a vacuum. 

 You are comparing your website to your other website and they are probably not even competing for rankings on the exact same keyword. You must compare your web pages to the pages they are actually competing against. In one case you may have very weak competition and in the other much stronger competition.

Your web pages don’t exist in a vacuum, they compete with other web pages for that exact same keyword. Your competition plays a major role in how well your own pages rank. Even though you may have a web page with great content, there is no guarantee that there won’t be many other pages of equal or greater content, or with equal or greater promotional efforts.

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